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Argus Over Usb Driver

PALO ALTO, Calif. And ANAHEIM, Calif., Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - DisplayLink ®, the leading provider of USB Graphics technology and Targus® Inc, maker of the world's top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, today announced the official launch of the new Targus Universal USB 3.0 DV2K Docking Station with Power utilizing the latest. Portable Power Station Jump Start 120 Amp starting current 12 Volt 7 Ah battery 2.1 Amp USB output LED light with red flash function 220 Volt AC charger R 2,475.00 R 2,099.00 -15%.

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  • Throw away all of the cables and adapters you carry to connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to TVs, Projectors & Ethernet and replace with a Targus USB Multi-Display Adapter. Requiring a single USB port connect your device effortlessly to a projector, a TV and up to 2 external monitors using the adapter’s HDMI, VGA & Ethernet ports.

Q. What is the Targus USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet?

A. The Targus USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet is the world’s smallest expansion hub that provides instant peripheral device attachment and Ethernet via a single USB connection to Windows 98/ME/2000 based computers.

Packaged in a small and attractive enclosure, the PA090U can fit any place on a desktop space.Add devices like mice, keyboards, joysticks, network, printers, PDAs, scanners, speakers, cameras, telephones and many more without rebooting your computer.

The PA090U features a self powered, stand alone USB hub (2 ports), Serial (DB-9) port, Parallel printer (DB-25) port, Mouse (PS/2) port, Keyboard (PS/2) port, Ethernet (10BaseT) port and power connection.An AC Adapter and software driver is included.

Q. Compatibility What are the System Requirements?


Hardware:Pentium Class CPU

USB v1.1 Compliant Port

Operating System:Windows 98

Windows ME

Windows 2000

Q. Installation I thought that USB was 'Plug & Play'. Why do I have to install drivers?

A. The USB and PS/2 ports on your USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet are supported by the Windows 98, ME, and 2000 operating systems and do not require any additional drivers. However, drivers are required to recognize the Parallel, Serial and Ethernet ports and convert them to USB.

Argus Over Usb Driver Windows 10

Q.Printer / Modem / Serial Device not recognized. How do I get my Printer, Modem or Serial Device to work?

A. Move the cursor to the My Computer icon and click the right mouse button. Click Properties to display the System Properties window. In Windows 98/ME, simply click the Device Manager tab. In Windows 2000, click on the Hardware tab and then click on the Device Manager box.
Check to see if there is a heading labeled 'Other Devices' . If so, follow the instructions below:
Highlight 'Targus Group Int'l USB Device' and click on the 'Remove' button.
Click the 'Refresh' button.
Windows will now begin the Add New Hardware Wizard. When prompted for a location for the drivers, insert the 'Targus USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet' disk in your drive and Check the box next to 'Specify a Location' and enter the location as below:
For Windows 98/ME and 2000 users, type 'A:' (Where A: is the letter of your floppy drive)
Note: If there are two ports listed, you will need to repeat the steps above.

Q.Modem Connection My Modem still isn't recognized. How do I connect my modem?

A.When attaching a modem to the serial (RS232) port, verify that the port assigned to your modem matches the COM port assigned to the Serial Port on the Port Replicator. To check this: Go to Device Manager and check the COM port that is assigned to Serial on USB (COMx) under the heading Ports(COM&LPT), where 'x' is the COM port assignment. Device Manager can be reached by right-clicking on My Computer and choosing Properties. For Windows 98/ME users, simply click on the Device Manager tab. For Windows 2000 users, click on the Hardware tab and then click on the Device Manager box.

Q.Printer My Printer still isn't recognized. How do I get my printer to work?

A.If your printer is not recognized, click on Start, select Settings, then select Printers. Highlight your printer, right-click the mouse button and select Properties. If the assigned port is LPT1, in Windows 98/ME, change it to PB1284-1 (USB port). In Windows 2000, you will need to click the box next to USB001 Virtual printer port for USB.
Note: While the parallel port supports most printers, there are some older dot-matrix printers that will not work on the the USB Mobile Port Replicator. Also, some printers may not support Bi-Directional printing via the Mobile Port Replicator. To test this, highlight your printer, right-click the mouse button and select Properties. Click 'Details', 'Spool Settings' and click 'Disable Bi-Directional Support'. Click 'OK' a try to print again.

Q.Printer Port Can I connect Storage devices like my Zip drive or CD ROM to the Parallel port?

A. The Printer Port on the USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet does not provide support for Storage devices.

Q.Printer Port Can I connect a scanner to the Parallel port?

A. The Parallel Port on the USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet does not provide support for Parallel Scanners.

Q.Serial Port How do I connect my PDA to the Serial port?

A. When attaching a PDA cradle to the serial (RS232) port, verify that the port assigned to your HotSync and/or ActiveSync software is Serial USB (COMx).
The PA090 COM port assignment can be viewed by clicking START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, SYSTEM, clicking on the DEVICE MANAGER tab, clicking the '+' sign next to 'Ports (COM & LPT) and looking for a 'Serial on USB (COM#)' entry.

Argus Over Usb Driver

Palm Desktop Software: If you are having problems synching a Palm PDA, download and install the newest version of the Palm Desktop software, available at

Q.General Troubleshooting Everything looks fine in my device manager, but a device is not recognized. What else can I do?

A.Step 1 - If a device attached to the expansion hub is not recognized, press and hold the Reset button until the lights flash. Verify that the device is now recognized. If not, proceed to step 2.
Step 2 - Detach all cables from the expansion hub. Plug in the AC Adapter. Connect the power cable to the power input jack. Plug in each device, one at a time. Verify that each device is recognized before plugging in the next one.
Step 3 - Plug the device into a different port on the expansion hub. If it is still not recognized, try plugging it into the USB port on your notebook computer.

Q.Can I attach other USB hubs to my USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet?

A.Yes, as long as the other hubs have their own power supply.

Q.Do I need to carry the AC Adapter when I'm traveling?

A.We recommend using the AC Adapter to ensure trouble free use of all supported devices. The USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet will supply up to 500Ma of power (total) to USB devices. This is enough to power most low power / low speed USB devices (like mice).

Q.Mouse The Screen scroller features of my mouse are not working properly, what's wrong?

A.If your mouse is attached to the PS/2 port, and the enhanced features are not working, you may need to disable the built-in mouse on your computer.
The PS/2 Port on the expansion hub is configured by the Operating System as a USB HID mouse. If your mouse software continues to look for the mouse on the computer's PS/2 port, the enhanced features may not be available and your mouse will function as a standard two button mouse.
If your mouse is attached to the serial port, the enhanced features (e.g. screen scrolling) may not be available. The mouse will function as a standard, two-button serial mouse.

Q.Green Question Marks I see green question marks next to some of the PA090U drivers in Windows ME when I check them in the Device Manager. Did something go wrong with the driver installation?

A.The PA090U is most likely working properly. The green question marks are a new addition in Windows ME and simply mean that Windows ME cannot verify that the best driver is installed for the device.

Q.Technical Support How can I get further assistance with the Targus USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet?


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If you need additional assistance after reading the FAQ information:
Technical Support can be reached at or email: [email protected]
Or by phone at one of the numbers below:
North America: 8:00am to 6:00pm EST : 1-(800) 283-6325
Europe: Monday through Friday, 8 AM (08: 00) to 6 PM (18: 00) C. E. T.
Belgium + 32( 0) 02- 717- 2451
Denmark + 45( 0) 35- 25- 8751
France + 33( 0) 1- 64- 53- 9151
Germany + 49( 0) 21- 16- 579- 1151
Italy + 39( 0) 24- 827- 1151
Netherlands + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9470
Spain + 34( 0) 91- 745- 6221
Sweden + 46( 0) 8- 751- 4058
Switzerland + 41( 0) 1- 212- 0007
UK + 44( 0) 20- 7744- 0330
Eastern Europe and Others + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9479


Targus warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year. If your Targus USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet is found to be defective within that time, Targus will repair or replace your Targus USB Mobile Port Replicator with Ethernet. This warranty does not cover damage from everyday wear and tear, or from transportation by a common carrier.

Under no conditions is Targus liable for any of the following: loss or damage to a computer; loss of, or damage to, programs, records, or data; and consequential or incidental damages, even if Targus is informed of their possibility.

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