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While scanning a Beijing Jiankangbao mini program, which went online on March 1, has been a norm for residents entering shopping malls, office buildings, and restaurants, it is the first time that the health code system, which is administrated by the local government, has been applied to ride-hailing drivers. Book a cab service in Beijing at reliable cost. We offer a hassle free, comfortable & affordable taxi service nearby your location in Beijing. We provide Beijing private driver guide, tour guide, Beijing private taxi, Beijing private tour, personal driver of Beijing etc. For any query or booking, call +1853.

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Beijing Expat Service Center not only specializes in fast, dependable visa services, but also Chinese drivers license service in Beijing City. Years of being in business and experiences guarantee you to have your China driver license handled quickly, accurately and professionally.

Check our China Driving License Services and Required Documents in details.

Please check the age requirements of Chinese driver's license to see whether you are qualified for application.

What We do

  • We are here to help you to overcome language barriers and procedural difficulties in Chinese driving license application.
  • We are here to help you to fix particular complications which vary from place to place in China driving license application.
  • We are here to help you to solve tiny problems which might take days or longer in Chinese driving license application.
  • We are here to help you to save not only your time but also your money in China driving license application.

Any client, who take our service between 1st Dec 2014 and 15th Jan 2015, will get free training materials for Christmas.

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Additional information:

IDP (International Driving Permit) or IDL (International Driver's License) is not adopted by China directly, China's traffic law indicates that foreigners can only drive in China with a chinese driver's licenses and the IDP (International Driver's Permit) can be converted to a local Chinese driver's license, with an additional examination.

If you wanna rent a car in Beijing ( Beijing Car Rental Information ) or any other China cities, you need to show your valid Chinese drivers license ( Chinese Drivers License Services ), otherwise you will need to hire a driver from the car rental company.

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Our driver license service is designed to help you to get a China Driver's License in Beijing.

After you get Driver's license, you need to know the Tail Number Limit of Beijing Traffic Control.

If you drive a car/van registered in other Chinese city, you need to know the New Rules for Non-Beijing Vehicles 2019.

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