Download U-blox Modems Driver

Finding the right Drivers for your device has never been so easy. Several websites maintain a file compatible with ZTE driver available for free download for ZTE Corporation’s most popular products and devices. Use our custom search engine to search for ZTE Corporation drivers or search our full driver file to find the exact driver that suits your needs.

  1. Download U-blox Modems Drivers
  2. U-blox Center Download

U-blox Modem USB1 AT and Data: USBVID1546&PID1107: Search the drivers: u-blox Modem USB1 AT and Data: USBVID1546&PID1108: Search the drivers: u-blox Modem USB1 AT and Data. Just go ahead at the end of the article and download the latest drivers of the Huawei Hi-Link modem and double click on the file as shown in the above screenshot. After the double click, it will be automatically installed on your PC. Download Huawei HiLink Modem Latest Drivers Free. Download Huawei Hi-ink Driver V5.1.2600.2781 (FC Port.

Browse ZTE organized product driver database to find the driver that meets your specifications or scan your PC to update your drivers automatically with a single click. Make sure that the driver update supports your specific ZTE model.

How to install ZTE driver

Installing ZTE driver is so easy. Let’s know how to install it:

Step 1: Download and install the setup file.

Step 2: Click on next.

Download U-blox Modems Driver

Step 3: It will take few seconds. Don’t close the wizard screen.

Step 4: After finishing installation run the driver to connect your ZTE device.

ZTE USB Driver

You can find a list of the devices supported by the ZTE USB Driver. To download, click on the link and then select your device. If you cannot find the right driver for your ZTE Corporation device. Enter the ZTE Corporation device and search your driver support database.

ZTE Modem Drivers setup

Download From Official Site

To be able to install the ZTE modem in windows 7 you can follow these steps:

Step one:

  1. You place the modem in the USB port
  2. You copy the software from the modem to the hard disk
  3. You execute the installation
  4. Restart the equipment

Step two:

  1. Enter Computer
  2. System properties
  3. Device management
  4. Modem
  5. Right click on ZTE Proprietary USB Modem
  6. Properties
  7. Driver
  8. Update driver
  9. Find driver software on the computer
  10. Browse
  11. Click on the folder ZTE mobile Connection Manager
  12. Click on drivers
  13. Click on 32bit
  14. Accept

Now you can enjoy the Internet

Compatibility of ZTE Modem Drivers

(1) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 32 and 64 bits


(2) As far as I know, it works with the 64-bit versions of these operating systems, it is also compatible with these modems: E226, E156, E1756, MF193, UM100, Siragon ML-6200, Síragon ML-1030, Síragon ML-1020.

(3) MacOS 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Maverick). It also works for Huawei modems E226, E156, E1756, E173, MF193, and UM100.

Break of ZTE device

ZTE phone failure occurs in the following cases. Mechanical violations that can be eliminated only by replacing parts or repairing them. This repair is almost impossible to do at home and only requires the intervention of a service center. Firmware replacement also causes phone damage.


It is essential to have the original USB that comes with the mobile phone when doing any file exchange or even root. Even more so when we go to do root if there is a connection failure in the middle of the process something. It is quite common when we use a generic cable we could end up with one or another problem. Now, ZTE software download from here.

Installing the u-blox USB drivers for Windows for use with RTKLIB can be a little tricky now that u-blox has switched their default Windows configuration from using COM port drivers to using sensor device drivers. RTKLIB does not support sensor device drivers, so it is necessary to force the driver installation process to revert to a driver that supports the COM port interface.

To make things more confusing, there are actually three different drivers that will support the COM port interface. You can determine which driver you are using by opening the Windows Device Manager while the u-blox reciever is plugged into the computer. The receiver will either show up under “Ports” or under “Sensors”. If it shows up under “Sensors” then RTKLIB will not be able to see it. Here is an example of what it looks like when it shows up under “Ports”:

If it shows up under “Ports” it may be listed in one of three different ways depending on which driver is installed. They are:

USB Serial Device (COMx): This is the generic COM port Windows driver and is what u-blox recommends for Windows 10 when using the COM port interface. It will work fine with RTKLIB, but Windows has an annoying habit of automatically replacing it with the sensor driver, so I have recently stopped using this one.

u-blox Virtual COM Port (COMx): This is the driver recommended by u-blox if you want to support both the sensor interface and the COM port interface. It has some limitations though, the primary one being that you can only run one of these devices on a computer at a time, so I don’t recommend this one either.

u-blox GNSS Reciever (COMx): This is the older u-blox driver before they switched to the sensor interface. Qsr automations laptops & desktops driver download for windows. U-blox recommends this for older versions of Windows but I have started using this recently with Windows 10. So far I have found it works fine, and it does not automatically get replaced by Windows like the generic driver does. I recommend this one.

Download U-blox Modems Drivers

All three u-blox drivers are available for download from their Product Resources page. The older driver is listed as “u-blox GNSS Standard Driver for Windows”. U-blox has published a flowchart on their website to help users decide which driver to use and how to rollback to older drivers. Here is a copy of the document but it may be too small to read here and may be out of date by the time you read this so I suggest you click on this link to take you to the original document.

U-blox Center Download

To revert to the generic Windows driver with Windows 10, follow the instructions in the blue circle above. To revert to the older u-blox driver with Windows 10, you will want to first download that driver from the u-blox Product Resource page, then follow the instructions inside the blue circle.