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  1. Westermo product guide. Download the Product Guide for an overview of all of Westermo's data communication products. Switches, routers, extenders, modems, converters and accessories are listed in this brochure. Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta. Customer service, Westermo North America.
  2. Westermo Teleindustri AB ¥ S-640 40 Stora Sundby, Sweden 03.99 TunaTryck AB, Eskilstuna, Sweden Phone +46 16 612 00 Fax +46 16 611 80 E-mail: [email protected] ¥ Westermo Web site: Westermo Teleindustri AB have distributors in several countries, contact us for further information. Westermo Data Communications GmbH.

The first Westermo data communications product was an RS-232 line driver called the KM-1 that allowed data to be transmitted over great distances using twisted pair cables. Today we still sell a product, the MD-12, that is plug compatible with this device. In the 1990s Westermo created the world’s first industrial DIN rail mount telephone.

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We are now Westermo Network Technologies

Westermo Teleindustri AB renamed Westermo Network Technologies AB

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Westermo Teleindustri AB has changed its name to Westermo Network Technologies AB, better reflecting its focus on providing robust, secure and easy-to-use network technologies for mission-critical systems used mainly within the transport, infrastructure, utility, processing and marine industries.

Download Westermo Teleindustri Ab Driver

“Westermo was established during the infancy of industrial data communication networks and the previous name described the prevailing technology at the time,” explains Jenny Sjödahl, CEO of the Westermo Group. “Westermo has since evolved into a global company at the forefront of industrial networking technology development and Westermo Network Technologies AB reflects that development.”

Download Westermo Teleindustri Ab Drivers

Westermo was formed in 1975 to meet the need for reliable and robust data communications and has worked closely with customers and industry organisations to solve their toughest networking challenges. This has resulted in the company launching ground-breaking technology including long distance serial communications devices, the first industrial modem, the fastest recovering Ethernet ring protocol and dedicated compact Ethernet switches for trackside and onboard rail applications.

Westermo offers Ethernet hardware and software that provides secure, reliable and resilient high-speed networks for installation in the toughest environments. With Ethernet networks becoming more complex and the number of IP protocols used by industrial customers increasing, Westermo recognised the benefit of developing a cross-platform software solution for its Ethernet switches. In 2009, WeOS (Westermo Operating System) was launched and this robust and easy-to-use solution is now at the heart of every Westermo product.

“Most industries are adopting Ethernet networks to support their data communications requirements and the demands on and the complexity of these networks are increasing. Drivers elsa port devices free. Westermo provides solutions to these challenges and through its expanded research and development team continues to develop the best network technologies on the market,” Jenny Sjödahl concludes.