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OLYMPUS Digital Camera Updater

The Olympus Digital Camera Updater allows you to update the firmware on your Olympus Digital Camera, lenses and accessories to take advantage of product enhancements or update display langauges.


The MCG-1 is the standard grip included in the E-P3 package and The MCG-2 is a larger grip. The two grips are interchangeable and the MCG-2 is perfect for when shooting with a telephoto lens as it makes it easier to hold the camera steady. Suitable for use with the OLYMPUS PEN E-P3, E-PL5 and E-PL6. Double click on the Other devices. Right-click on the Other PCI Bridge Device, then select the Update Driver Software Click on the Browse my computer for driver software. Select the folder which is extracted at 1), and then click on the Next button.

Global homepage of Olympus Group. As a leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, we provide innovative medical systems, scientific solutions around the world. This page contains drivers for DW-90 manufactured by Olympus™. Please note we are carefully scanning all the content on our website for viruses and trojans. This and other Other drivers we're hosting are 100% safe. Vendor: Olympus™ Device: DW-90.

  • This utility supports only Olympus digital cameras released after 2004.
  • Do not turn off the camera or disconnect the cable while the software is starting or running, as it may cause the camera or software to malfunction.
OSWindows XP (SP2 or later),
Windows Vista, Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.3 or later
CPUPentium 4 1.3GHz or fasterPower PC G3 500MHz or faster
Intel Core Solo/Duo 1.5GHz or faster
RAM512MB or more512MB or more (1GB or more is recommended)
MONITOR SETTINGS1024 x 768 pixels or more
Minimum 65,536 colors
1024 x 768 pixels or Minimum 32,000 colors
Internet Explorer 6 or later
USB port
Safari 1.0 or later (1.3 or later recommended)
NOTE- This software requires a computer with a pre-installed operating system. Operation is not guaranteed when using a home-built PC or upgraded operating system.
- Operation is not guaranteed when using a USB port that is not directly part of the computer.
- Operation is not guaranteed when using a USB port that is not directly part of the computer.


Drivers Olympus Others Support

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How to install
  • Download the installer for the OLYMPUS Digital Camera Updater to your computer and save it on the desktop.
  • Close all software applications that are open on your computer.
  • Double-click the downloaded (saved) file, and the installer will be activated.
  • Follow the installer’s instructions to install.
> View Firmware Update Instructions


Drivers Olympus Others Wanted

Home/ Software Downloads/ DP71 Device driver for Windows Vista 64-bit, MALAD0403

Before Installation

Drivers Olympus Others Access

The software cannot be installed unless the user account is registered as “Computer administrator”. If the user account is registered as a “Restricted account”, change it to the “Computer administrator” account. (For the user account registration, refer to the instruction manual for your PC.)


  1. Ensure that the PCI interface board is installed in the PC.
  2. Before proceeding to installation, close all running applications.

Installing the Software (Windows Vista)

  1. Double click on the [MALAD0403x64.exe] which was downloaded. The following folder is created in the same folder of [MALAD0403x64.exe].
  2. Click on the [Start] button. When the [Start] menu is displayed, click on the [Control Panel].
  3. When the [Control Panel] window is displayed, click on the [System and Maintenance].
    It the [Control Panel] display is of the “Classic View” type, double click on the [System] icon and go to step 5) below.
  4. Click on the [System].
  5. Click on the [Device Manager] in the [Tasks].
  6. When the [User Account Control] appears, click on the [Continue] button.
  7. Double click on the [Other devices].
  8. Right-click on the [Other PCI Bridge Device], then select the [Update Driver Software…]
  9. Click on the [Browse my computer for driver software].
  10. Select the folder which is extracted at 1), and then click on the [Next] button.
  11. When the [Windows Security] dialog box appears, click on the [Install] button.
  12. When installation of the device driver finished, click on [Close] button.
  13. Double click on the [Malad Device] in the [Device Manager].
  14. Right-click on the [Malad Device], and then select the [Properties].
  15. Click on the [Driver] tab. If the [Driver Version] is, installation is finished correctly.

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