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Find out why so many other companies use RCC to manage their IT functions. Click here to contact us and find out why. Managed IT Services. Network Security. Data Backup Solutions. Cybersecurity Solutions. Email/Spam Protection. Disaster Recovery Planning. RC Driver is the best news and information site for radio control cars, trucks, boats and more. We lead the hobby in video reviews! Wednesday, February 10, 2021. RCC’s campuses have a delayed opening on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.In-person classes, activities and operations on campus will start at 12 pm. In-person classes are scheduled to start at 12 pm, but students should check with their instructors for specifics.

Essential utilities, firmware and models for use with ImpulseRC products.

ImpulseOSD Software Download

Windows - Full featured, drag and drop screen designer, configuration of all settings.

Mac - Simple tool for backup/restore and firmware update.

Drivers rca tablet windows 10 cambio

Full documentation will be maintained as a Wiki on Github -

Driver Fixer

This application will attempt to install the correct serial port and DFU drivers for using STM32 F3, F4 and F7 based flight controllers on Windows. If you have trouble running the Driver Fixer you may need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5

Apex Frame Accessory 3D Printable Files

STL files for the injection moulded pieces as well as various antenna mounts, plus a DXF file for a HD camera mount base, are available for free download under the Creative Commons license.

Download from the ImpulseRC Thingiverse Page

Micro Apex Frame Accessory 3D Printable Files

STL files for the injection moulded pieces as well as antenna mounts, plus a DXF file for a HD camera mount base, are available for free download under the Creative Commons license.

Download from the ImpulseRC Thingiverse Page

Helix / Mercury Video Transmitter

Since the custom VTX/OSD firmware changes certain defaults you must use this version of the MWOSD GUI to configure!

Australian firmware locked to legal frequencies and 25mW output power. If you ordered your Helix in Australia you already have this flashed.

Fully unlocked international firmware, gives all supported channels and selectable 25/200/500mW output power. If you ordered your Helix from outside of Australia you already have this flashed.

Archos emoto driver download for windows 10

Reverb 3D Printable GoPro Couch Mount

These files are provided solely for personal use. The design remains the property of Brain3D and most not be offered for sale as a printed part.

ImpulseRC Popular Frames

RCC's myRogue is up-and-running!


Financial Aid Updates

Your 2020-21 financial aid information may be inaccurate due to a recent software transition. Staff is currently reviewing all student accounts. Estimated completion date is Feb. 1. We appreciate your patience. For updates on where we are at on this process please visit our Financial Aid Updates page.

A Guide to RCC's myRogue

Your password for myRogue will be the password you used before July 2020. If you started at RCC since July 2020, or if you don't know your password, click 'forgot password' to reset it. Your student email (Microsoft Office 365), Blackboard and the online bookstore will use the same username and password you've been using this fall.*

Log in to myROGUE
Use your 7-digit Student ID or RCC Student Email address. If you forgot or don't know your password, click 'forgot password' to reset it.

Update “Personal Information” on myROGUE.
E-mail is RCC’s official mode of communication. To update your email address, phone number, mailing address, go to “Personal Information” under the tool bar. Click on the “update” box and you will be able to review and change your personal information.

Check your “Financial Aid Status”
Click the link to 'Financial Aid Status' on myROGUE to see if RCC has received your FAFSA, the documents you need to complete, and your award letter.

  1. Did RCC receive your FAFSA?
  2. Are there any documents you need to complete to receive your award letter? Once completed, your award will be processed.
  3. Check your award letter.

Check your Program Planner
Note: if you have re-taken a portion or the entire placement test, completed college courses, submitted transcripts from another school or SATs, your program planner may not be accurate.
Contact [email protected] to discuss.

  • CG100 is a mandatory course placed on your program planner, depending on your placement test.
  • You may also see math, reading and writing courses, or additional prerequisites for your program or college major.
  • Classes that are required are placed on the program planner depending on the certificate or degree you choose.

Rcc Drivers Ed

Registration Steps

  1. Click the 'Register for Classes' link
  2. Confirm your contact information is correct, if not, select 'update'
  3. Select the term you are registering for from the drop-down menu
  4. Select 'Continue'
  5. Decide which capus or campuses you wish to take in-person classes at
  6. Decide the times and days that work best for your schedule (when choosing 'in-person' Zoom classes)
  7. Select 'Add' to add the class to your 'shopping cart'
  8. Click 'Continue Shopping' to add more classes
  9. Click 'Advance to Checkout' to finish the process
  10. Click 'Continue with Registration'

Payment Information

  • Read the payment information before clicking 'I AGREE'
  • Review the Student Code of Conduct and Campus Drug Policy
  • Click the check box
  • Click 'I Agree'
  • Select 'Finish and View Payment Options'
  • Choose the payment option that best fits your situation

Contact Information

Rcc Drivers Education

Need information on how to start at RCC or the Placement Process? Contact [email protected]
Don’t see the classes you are registered for under “My Class Schedule”? Contact your Academic Advisor
Expected to see something different on your Financial Aid? Contact your Financial Aid Advisor
Having trouble with Bankmobile? Contact [email protected]
Need a program planner, degree audit or transcript? Contact your Academic Advisor
Having trouble paying or decoding your Registration Bill? Contact [email protected]
Having trouble figuring out your username? Contact [email protected]

Driver's Record Dc

*Please note: While you can use your email address as the username for RCC’s myRogue, your email account password is no longer tied to myRogue. To reset the password for your student email, Blackboard or computer lab access please visit the Computer Labs FAQ page.