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PC-Based EKG

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Norav Medical Inc #1200W-TR-AHA; ECG Stress Module 1200W Model 16 Bits (0.3 V/LSB) Resolution A/D Bits. Log in for pricing and availability. Log In to Order View. Norav Medical NHH-1200 Portable ECG Machine Norav Medical NHH-1200 Portable ECG Machine. Synchronization with PC, enable bi-directional data transfer.

  • Norav Medical - ECG Devices and Solutions for All Your Cardiology Needs. ECG Recorders, Blood Pressure Monitors, and Information System Software. The Latest Technology - Wireless & Wired Options. Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop. 25 Years in Cardiology. Lifetime-Free Software Updates.
  • Norav Medical aims to provide a holistic approach to their medical solutions, with a focus on diagnostic accuracy, high quality features, user-friendly interfaces to ensure patients and healthcare professionals can operate their products in an easy, accessible manner.
  • The Norav 1200M PC/USB Based ECG and other Norav EKG/ECG machines and cardiology diagnostic equipment are available at

No computer experience is needed, due to the systems user friendly software, which allows even first-time users to retrieve, view and print ECG without errors. On screen menus allow for quick, simple and reliable operation.

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a year ago
a year agoThick line on pcecg1200 NOrav EKG
Im having this problem with my ekg about the thick line appearing in all leads of my ekg, im using it in bluetooth mode cause mine doesnt have the usb mode.. I have tried all can anybody help meReply
4 years ago
4 years agoError - Software key S0/S1/S2 not found
Hello, we bought our treadmill about twenty years now. It is still working well. But sometimes the ECG device cannot be detect. We planned to back up with new computer. After installing the Norav software program, there was an error. Software key, S0/S1/S2 not found. Can you help us what to do? Thank you and God bless!Reply


5 years ago
5 years agohow i can get the new information about this model

i have problem with the software. it can not begin the program.



  • Works on any PC environment
  • Plain paper laser or ink printout
  • Simple interface to local Hospital and Patient Information System
  • E-mail or fax EKG results directly from the PC system
  • Comprehensive display and printout for caliper QRS and ECG measurements
  • Physician remarks and signature
  • Simultaneous 12 lead digital high resolution recording
  • 50/60Hz, EMG (35Hz) and Baseline filtering in real time and saved ECG
  • Network abilities, data sharing
  • Standard export formats- Picture, XML, SCP, GDT
  • Multiple language selections
  • Select between standard or Cabrera
  • Posterior and Right Chest (Vr) leads


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Holter monitoring has never been easier

Pointman usb devices driver download for windows. Norav’s Digital Holter system has:

  1. Outstanding on-screen graphics
  2. Remarkable speed for downloading patient data from the recorder to the PC, Using a USB cable or Flash Card Reader.
  3. Within minutes after downloading, the analysis is completed and ready to be printed.
  4. The small patient digital holter recorder offers the patient maximum comfort. The Norav Holter system is very cost effective, and the software gives you a comprehensive Holter report you can depend on.
  5. Full disclosure 24 / 48 hour recording time
  6. Review ECG, send via internet, save to hard drive or RW CD/DVD
  7. Arrhythmia, ST, Heart Rate Variability( HRV), Long QT( LQT) & QT analysis, Late Potentials/Signal Averaged ECG (SAECG)comprehensive report printing
  8. Review and print trends
  9. Pace maker detection
  10. Small & Light weight recorder with a large LCD display for setting up and ECG data preview
  11. Powerful beat editing tools
  12. Norav’s arrhythmia detection algorithm easily recognizes including, ventricular,
  13. Automatic & manual editing of patient data
  14. Easy scrolling of page by page in full disclosure
  15. Network interfacing capability
  16. Link to Electronic Medical Record or Hospital Information System.
  17. Compatible with NEMS Norav EKG Management System

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