Nvidia Mice & Touchpads Driver Download

Other Drivers Tools; Keyboard Mouse; Scanner / Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder; Mobile Phones. X64-bit download nvidia nforce networking controller driver 73 3 5 0 for xp 64 bit driver; x64-bit download nvidia nforce networking controller driver 67 6 2 0 for vista. ELAN Touchpad Driver for Windows 10 64-bit x64 driver; 64-bit. Mouse latency is a critical part of the system latency equation: Mouse Latency + PC Latency + Display Latency = System Latency. The database in this repository contains the set of tested mice that NVIDIA has validated; containing both Reflex Latency Analyzer compatible mice, and popular non-compatible mice. ASUS X55A NVIDIA Display Driver 9. For Windows 8 x64 684 downloads. ASUS X55A Elantech Touchpad Driver for Windows 7 x64 650 downloads. Keyboard & Mouse. Card Readers Alcor. Windows 7 64 bit. Nov 12th 2012, 11:57 GMT.

Software needed:


  1. Use Downloader to download the above APK direct on to your Android TV device. In my demonstration I used the new Nvidia Shield Pro

2. Once installed, navigate to Settings and click on Device preferences

3. Scroll down to Accessibility and click on that

4. Under Services turn Mouse Toggle on

Nvidia Mice & Touchpads Driver Download

5. Press the home key and select the title to “Add App to Favourites”


6. Find Mouse Toggle and select it

7. You will now have Mouse Toggle on your home screen

Open it and ensure it says enabled

You will see there are two ways to launch the virtual mouse

Download animation driver.

Lets try the double-play button shortcut inside an application. Here I have just launched the Aurora store

If I new double press the Play button:

You can now use the directional pad to move the virtual cursor around and press the select button to simulate a mouse click.

How to remove the virtual mouse

Go over to your settings — Apps

Find Mouse toggle in the list and select it

Select the option to uninstall the software

Video Step by Step Guide:

Are these the lowest latency mice in gaming?

Nvidia Mice & Touchpads Driver Download

Nvidia releases a list of Reflex compatible mice for their Latency Analyzer

On the company's Reflex technology webpage, Nvidia has released a list of mice compatible with their Reflex Latency Analyzer tool. These mice meet Nvidia's latency and responsiveness characteristics, which are designed to ensure that their latency analysis tools deliver consistent, usable data.
So far, Nvidia has certified 11 mice: including Acer GM310, Predator Cestus 330, and Predator Cestus 350; Alienware's AW610M; ASUS' ROG Chakram Core; Corsair's Dark Core RGB PRO and Dark Core RGB PRO SE; Logitech G's Pro X Superlight: MSI's GM 41; Razer's Deathadder V2; and SteelSeries' Rival 3.
Nvidia's Reflex ecosystem is designed to give gamers the lowest possible input latency. With these mice having certified Reflex compatibility, Nvidia has officially added their seal of approval to these mice, cementing them as great choices for PC gamers that use Nvidia hardware. Sadly, Nvidia has not revealed Nvidia Reflex Compatability's hardware requirements, though it is likely that latency and consistency are key factors.

You can join the discussion on Nvidia revealing a list of Reflex Compatible Mice on the OC3D Forums.


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Interesting to see so many wireless mice there, one would think Reflex requires fully stable latency. My understanding about modern wireless mice is that while the latency is low (<3ms from mouse), there's a fair bit more variance than with wired ones. I guess that's not the case.Quote

Nvidia Mice & Touchpads Driver Download Windows 10