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Rise Servers Hosting websites, streaming platforms and business applications.; Advance Servers Versatile servers, adapted to suit your business needs.; Infrastructure Servers Top range components with high-speed connectivity with advanced network and security features.

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Game servers and services that deliver fast performance and quick scaling, with hassle-free DDoS protection. Your gamers will experience only the good.

Every year, the audience of gamers around the world grows, as does their desire for more thrills, supplied by more speed and more realistic action. This means ever-growing demands on your data centers and network connections. Would you rather be working on IT or designing and marketing your games? OVHcloud offers cloud solutions, products, and services to help the gaming industry deliver products — from serious to shooter — with best-in-class servers and hosting services.

How OVHcloud delivers the gaming support you need

Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale! On October 27th, OVH once again stepped up for the community and donated 9 more computers. This brings our total to 20 usable computers donated. We are not counting the 4 donated laptops that were unusable and gifted to eAsset Solutions Computer and Electronics Recycling of Falls Church.

Servers specialized for gaming

  • Equipped with Intel i7 processors and Turbo Boost, these gaming servers, coupled with the speed of SSD or NVMe storage, provide optimal performance.

Delivered at the speed gamers need

OVH Laptops & Desktops Driver Download
  • OVHcloud’s global network has a capacity of 20Tbps, with 28 data centers, 33 points of presence in 138 countries, and thousands of miles of dark fiber. All of this means low latency. We’re fast, and we’re near.

Persist the state of your game

  • Choose the storage solutions you want for players, events, and your in-game economy.

Scale up almost as fast as your games

  • Automatically manage your user base and control traffic spikes with our cloud technology. You’ll be able to make sure every player can be in the game, even when traffic is heavy.

Superior performance

Provide your players with maximum excitement and minimal latency. We offer multiple server configurations to meet your performance requirements for everyone from gaming communities to professional resellers.

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Stability, security, and developer-friendly

Code and launch your games for a fast and stable environment with a global presence. OVHcloud will support you with hosting, DDoS protection, and more.

Global scaling

Quickly scale up to greater capacity when your cloud server game takes off. Deliver a seamless gaming experience without worrying about your back-end systems.

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