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Shop our collection of PEAK-System Technik hardware and software solutions for UK-wide delivery. The PCAN range provides robust, industry-leading standard engineering technologies with a focus on automotive and industrial engineering. Last visit was: Thu 11. Feb 2021, 05:08. It is currently Thu 11. Feb 2021, 05:08.

Based on the CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP), a specification by the ASAM association, PEAK-System has developed the programming interface PCAN-CCP API and now provides it free of charge. With this API, Windows applications (masters) can communicate with control units (slaves) via a CAN bus.
Gmbh The programming interface is applicable for developments of 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The commands of the CCP specification are each mapped to one API function; further functions are used for communication management. The PCAN-CCP API utilizes the also freely available programming interface PCAN-Basic in order to access the CAN hardware from PEAK-System in the computer.
The Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol XCP is implemented by the PCAN-XCP API. At this time its development is in Beta stage. Interested parties are invited to participate in the testing phase; they can apply under [email protected]

Peak-system Technik Gmbh Pcan-usb

PEAK-System is one of the leading manufacturers of CAN PC interface cards. Free download wireless network driver. The company develops and sells CAN-based solutions for industrial automation, special vehicles, automotive components, and consumer goods. The company also provides hard- and software development services in the area of fieldbus and automotive applications. PEAK-System is part of a larger corporate group, and therefore has direct access to a strong network for technical field and workshop services all over Europe and in the US, as well as to IT consulting and database application development, which partner enterprises in the PEAK group provide.