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TEL: (310) 512-6480 19645 Rancho Way Rancho Dominguez CA 90220. MAC: Latest drivers for video card installed. WINDOWS: Latest drivers for video card installed, dual display support requires either 2 video cards or a dual head video card that supports dual video LUTs being loaded. Warranty: Twelve (12) months from the date of sale, unless different local regulations apply. The driver is based upon the PVCAM library from Photometrics, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux. areaDetector/ADPvCam An EPICS areaDetector driver for the Roper Scientific detectors, which includes all cameras from Photometrics and most but not all cameras from Princeton Instruments.

Our PVCAM Driver

PVCAM (Programmable Virtual Camera Access Method) is a software package that contains a robust set of drivers that have been developed to get Teledyne Photometrics camera users up and running in minutes.

Drivers cablemodem network & wireless cards

Before any Teledyne Photometrics camera can be used, PVCAM must be installed on the host computer. The files to install PVCAM are shipped with every camera, whether it be a purchase or a demonstration unit.

Advanced PVCAM Features

PVCAM works across all Teledyne Photometrics products and takes under 5 minutes to install on any PC running Windows or Linux.

In addition to the driver, PVCAM contains two advanced applications that will be immediately ready for use on the host computer.

PVCAMTest is an easy to use imaging application to get users up and running in as little time as possible. Users can confirm that the camera is properly connected, run live, take sequences and also single snaps.

The second ready-to-use application is VersionInformation. This tool is able to read firmware, PVCAM, and other configuration information, which is an indispensable tool for customer reference and technical support.


The PVCAM Software Development Kit (SDK) is a compilation of code, libraries and documentation that provides ease of access to users to quickly integrate PVCAM commands into their existing software structure.

In the PVCAM SDK folder, users will find high quality documentation outlining PVCAM commands, example code, and the necessary libraries needed to get custom image acquisition processes up and running.

The simplicity of the PVCAM SDK is that there is just one SDK for all of our cameras, allowing for the seamless movement of one camera to another.

Several aspects of visual functioning deteriorate as part of the normal aging process. These include a reduction in luminance and color contrast sensitivity, an increase in sensitivity to glare, a reduction in visual accommodation capacity, and a reduction in the sensitivity to light. In combination these visual deficits can make reading instrument panel display symbols (i.e., lettering and graphics) difficult for the older driver. This report provides basic guidelines and references that can be considered when setting photometric guidelines for instrument panel displays that are designed to accommodate the older driver.
Citation: Poynter, W., 'Photometric Considerations in Design of Displays for the Older Driver,' SAE Technical Paper 920615, 1992,
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Photometrics driver download software
Pages: 7
ISSN: 0148-7191
Also in: Electronic Instrument Panel Displays-PT-71, SAE 1992 Transactions: Journal of Passenger Cars-V101-6
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Photometrics Drivers

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Photometrics Driver Download Windows 7


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Photometrics Driver Download Windows 10

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