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Planex Logistics Pvt Ltd 118/25, Ragas Apartment, A1 Block 8th Main Road, Shanthi Colony Anna Nagar, Chennai 600 040 Tel:+ 0387 Email: [email protected] Singapore Office. Planex Logistics Pte Ltd 89 Short Street #08-06 Golden Wall Centre Singapore 188216 Tel:+4 Email: [email protected] WIRELESS LAN EXTENDER. Learn More; USB HUB.

A wide variety of network solutions designed for the most demanding cloud environments and the Web 2.0, with layer 2 and layer 3 switches. For data centers, these are multiple high performance top-of-rack and blade switch solutions adaptable to any business and budget.

PLANEX USB 2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter Compatible with MacBook Air with a USB port for gaming! USB2.0 LAN Gigabit Adapter USB connector can be stored in the body ideal for carrying /USB2.0 LAN Gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps NIC Adapter for Ultrabooks, Netbook, MacBook Air/UE-1000T-G2 designed in Japan. Avionica driver download for windows 10.

Planex rounds off its network services with Virtual Network Architecture (VNA), an open framework for the creation of IT efficient networks.

This means providing powerful capacities to enable data centers to virtualize infrastructure and services for any capacity of cloud deployment whether prívate, hybrid or public. This means providing branches and campuses with sophisticated, yet simple mechanisms to mobilize end user and virtualized desktops.

All of this is supported by a complete range of design, installation and management services to assist customers in company growth.


Different access solutions allow service providers to increase their revenues and reduce their total cost of ownership by implementing Carrier Ethernet SLA-based services with a broad portfolio of service demarcation devices and aggregation platforms. With MEF CE 2.0 certification, these devices work with a set of tools, which offer capabilities such as implementation without intervention, traffic management, time assurance about packet synchronization, performance monitoring, fault management and the resilience.

Smart Ethernet demarcation device

RAX701, RAX711-L

These Ethernet demarcation devices can be used for E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree and E-Access services for large companies and services for small and medium enterprises, as well as mobile backhaul. They comply with ITU-T Y.1564 SAT for the activation of the service, and guarantee the monitoring and service of SLA from end to end visibility based on hardware that is capable of supporting OAM, CFM and Y.1731 SLA

Smart 10G Ethernet demarcation device

Planex Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download Windows 7


An advanced 10GE demarcation device, incorporating high capacity in a compact size (1RU by 1/2 19 “wide) with 4 × 10GE SFP + ports and 12 × 1GE SFP ports. As the demand for bandwidth increases, but revenue streams remain flat, service providers want to differentiate services and provide an adequate QoE for various application requirements, at various access speeds MEF CE2.0 support and SLA portal are available in RAX711-C and 256 Monitoring sessions are sufficient for business SLA monitoring. RAX711-C is also a better access solution in the MBH application and supports the functions of TC syncE and IEEE1588v2.


GE L2 + Carrier access switch

ISCOM2600G(-PWR) Series

The ISCOM2600G (-PWR) series equipment is the new generation of Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switches focused on profitability. It adopts a switching software platform based on the Linux operating system, and a high-performance hardware platform. With multiple types of interface, you can provide flexible network modes. With high reliability, high guarantee of access security, easy administration and simple management, it can meet the requirements of network operators. In addition, it supports routing, static, supports IPv6, intelligent PoE and among other outstanding features. Therefore, it is widely adopted, as the access device for companies, campuses, residences and CDN.

Carrier-Grade GE aggregation switch

ISCOM2900G Series

The ISCOM2900G series are enhanced aggregation Ethernet switches. This series is CE2.0 certified and can operate as an aggregator for EDDs and access devices, such as completing a scenario with all CE 2.0 Devices. By adopting an advanced layer 2 switching structure, the ISCOM2900G series provides highly efficient line speed switching capability. By supporting static routes, the ISCOM 2900 G series can implement connections with Layer 3 routing devices.

GE / 10GE aggregation switch carrier grade L3

ISCOM3000G (-PWR) and ISCOM3000X Series

This series adopts a new generation switching software based on the Linux operating system, and provide a flexible network.The ISCOM3000G (-PWR) (B) and ISCOM3048XF-4Q series feature high reliability, high security, easy maintenance, simple administrator, etc. and adopts advanced OAM technology, complying with requirements, which meets CE2.0 standards to deliver EPL, EVPL Services, EP-LAN, EVP-LAN, E-Access


IP MPLS solutions expand bandwidth use with SLA from network core to end-user.

Planex offers platforms for implementing MPLS tunnels that broaden business service through Ethernet.

Available portfolio includes CPEs GE and 10GE and highly reliable aggregation services that support not only IP/MPLS protocol, but also others such as MPLS-TP and Carrier Ethernet with flexible network scalability functions, providing high density and availability while supporting multiple services such as Ethernet,L2, L3VPN and pseudowire.

IP-MPLS PE and pre- aggregation products

This IP/MPLS PE medium-sized router and MPLS pre-aggregation device is used for a series of applications, such as backhaul FTTH, leased line services, backhaul mobile, and wholesale companies that use aggregation devices on an operating network.

IP-MPLS CPE product
RAX711-R, iTN201-R

MPLS/CPE IP spreads the usefulness of IP/MPLS for so client can increase network efficiency and performance. Clients can replace inherited TDM – based leased line services, maintaining quality and reducing costs at the same time. IP/MPLS CE products provide performance supervision at a lower cost than Layer2 Ethernet devices.


Pseudowire E1 and E3 Transport Gateway, serial o analogue voice over Ethernet/IP/MPLS, as well as small form factor SFP. Central site Gateway aggregates and switches STM-1 and OC-3 traffic across the Ethernet/IP/MPLS


Solutions that cover increasing Carrier Ethernet (CE) service demands now reach access and beyond and are available through an increasing variety of technologies. Increasing broadband requirements, ease of multiple service convergence and migration to 4G mobile networks indicate that this trend will continue.
In addition, service providers are increasing their capacities to provide a wider variety of services. This indicates a need to implement a growing point to point QoS, as well as service performance visibility between wholesale suppliers and service providers.


Planex provides a comprehensive multi-service access solution for carriers, service providers and prívate network owners such as Public Utilities, Transportation, Telecommunications, and Government. The ecosystem is comprised of a complete array of client equipment devices in a central site and an integrated management system to favor the spread of TDM and Ethernet services over copper, fiber, or wireless, as well as the coexistence of legacy and next generation network infrastructures. Includes a wide array of multi-service multiplexors, cross-connectors, TDM NTUs, SDH/SONET, ADMs, fiber multiplexors and SDH multiplexors that transmit voice, video, and data at high and low speeds in high quality, as well as new Ethernet applications that enable hassle-free migration to NGN communications.


Current and médium-term future trends anticípate a wide array of fixed and mobile devices and access points that Users, Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) use daily to communicate and access applications and information. The operation of these devices, which triple data volume bi-annually, are compelling public and private network managers to multiply amount and capacity of network access nodes. This requires ensuring a safe access for users to share files and confidential information within and outside corporate environments, as well as, improvement and optimization of information authentication, control, and transfer methods. Corporations view this trend as a means of increasing employee and system performance, whereas operators seek to gain user loyalty by offering simple and efficient internet access 24 hours, wherever they may be. wherever they may be.

While network environments become more complex, security theats also become more effective and sophisticated. Traditional solutions are insufficient in dealing with security threats that corporations, cloud services, goverment ,and security agencies all over the world face.

Planex offers a wide variety of Network Security solutions, along with a team of experts, to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, large corporations, and public or government institutions

Network security products and solutions:

a) Firewalls

Planex has a wide range of Firewalls for small and médium-sized companies, Enterprise and carrier-grade that perform security and traffic control tasks:

  • Proxy service over protocol
  • o Traffic rule creation tools

o Assignment of host and service groups and to reduce complexity and liveware in rule creation

o Creation of multiple manager accounts

o Record of control, monitoring, and auditing of operations over firewall

  • o Dynamic NAT
  • o Security alerts in cases of suspicious operations over firewall

b) UTM Firewalls

Planex provides solutions that integrate typical firewall functions, analysis, management and filtering of traffic and content and centralized management of threat detection and prevention, UTM, Unified Threat Management

  • Application Inspection and Control
    Stateful DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)
  • Deep packet inspection with status registration
    Stateful DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)
  • Intrusion detection prevention systems –
    IDPS (Intrusion Detection Preventive System)
  • VPN Gateway to connect to Virtual Private Networks
  • Protocol Scan
  • Gateway/Client antivirus and antispyware
  • Web content and URL filtering (CFS/CFC)
  • Decryption of SSL and Deep Packet Inspection of SSL (DPI SSL)
  • Traffic and intrusion reports
  • Transaction log files
  • Real-time alerts
  1. c) Secure Remote Access (VPN) Gateways
    Planex offers secure remote access solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) which supports all mainstream operating systems for example: Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, etc. by implementing (among others) SSL, IPSEC, L2TP security solutions. while integrating comprehensive security measures for authentication of the creation of virtual networks, including AD/LDAP, RADIUS, digital Certificates, among others.
  2. d) Intrusion prevention/detection – IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)

Planex provides a variety of products that detect and prevent intrusion. They come integrated to Firewalls, as devices, or independent solutions. All products are equipped with the most sophisticated detection and prevention techniques:

  • High speed data traffic processing without affecting network performance
  • Decryption and encryption of data for analysis
  • Hashing (MD5 y SHA)
  • Traffic analysis against benchmark risk patterns
  • Hardware based traffic processing
  • Comparison of traffic patterns asynchronously

New generation platform oriented to IT performance analytics and business services management for complex environments on premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

The platform uses a service-centric approach to deliver real-time business analytics and detect how your business can be affected based on the status, performance and availability of all IT assets, regardless of where they are located.

Planex Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download Windows 10

The unified and unique platform in its approach and named by Gardner as “Cool Vendor” in ITOM (IT Operations Management) can serve both IT executives as well as administrators.

It provides a layer of Business intelligence through all IT assets through trend analysis, impact of the functional domain and performance provided by the Business Services Management capabilities.

Planex Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download Free

The monitoring that provides help to organizations (medium / large) and service providers in each industry, to deliver a complete “All in One” solution with the most advanced carrier class and enterprise class functionalities of the current and future market.

It can support technology changes and implementations while dramatically reducing operational complexity, MTTR and Opex for new and existing environments.


Planex offers a comprehensive solution in 4G LTE routers designed specifically for professional applications.

Planex Network Camera

Robust routers for industrial and business applications that are easy to install. They have different amount of interfaces depending on the model. RMS centralized manager. With HTTP web management interface and SNMP alarms.

It has a great variety of uses such as remote monitoring, urban video surveillance, water pump monitoring, remote access control to sites, energy meter accesses and ATMs. It allows vehicle fleet tracking and remote monitoring in a wide variety of remote applications.

Planex Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download

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