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LCD Driver

Product ID: PT6530

The LCD driver is manufactured by Princeton Technology Corp., a well-reputed supplier in IC industry. Their products are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency. In order to control the voltage across the ICD, the function of a LCD driver becomes vital during the process. With good monitoring and controlling, you can easily avoid the unnecessary damage.
Princeton PT6530 come in 1/3 duty and 1/4 duty LCD display drivers that can directly drive up to 300 segments and can control up to eight general-purpose output ports. These LCD driver products also incorporate a key scan circuit that accepts input from up to 30 keys to reduce printed circuit board wiring. Please feel free and contact with us for this quality product.
  • Key input function for up to 30 keys (A key scan is performed only when a key is pressed)
  • 1/3 duty and 1/4 duty drive schemes can be controlled from serial data
  • 1/2 bias and 1/3 bias drive schemes can be controlled from serial data
  • Capable of driving up to 228 segments using 1/3 duty and up to 300 segments using 1/4 duty
  • Sleep mode and all segments off functions that are controlled from serial data
  • Segment output port/general-purpose output port function switching that is controlled from product serial data
  • Serial Interface for clock, Data Input, Data Output, Strobe pins
  • Direct display of product data without the use of a decoder provides high generality
  • Independent VLCD for the block (VLCD can be set to in the range VDD 0.5 to 6.0V)

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Category: System & Controllers
Manufacturer: Princeton Inc.
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 4023kb
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: 6.8 / 20 May 2007

Princeton monitor driver

Princeton Monitor Driver Downloads

Windows device driver information for Princeton Graphic Systems EO15

The Princeton Graphic Systems EO15 uses a single graphic chip to perform multi-headed tasks unlike the other video card, this means that the card can make two different monitors display a single graphical desktop by use of a single chip per monitor. This highly reduces the operational cost of the device. The user has to keenly install the drivers following the provided step-by-step guidance for complete and satisfactory results. The Princeton Graphic Systems EO15 drivers are issued with purchase of the video card and can also be downloaded from the manufactures website based on the operating platform the user may be using. The Princeton Graphic Systems EO15 video card assures one of complete and quality service for a relatively low price and maintenance fee. The Princeton Graphic Systems EO15 card has an excellent service when used in gaming applications and thus making it reliable for other related applications.

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Princeton Monitor Driver

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The Princeton Graphic Systems EO15 can be used in both office and home usage for high quality graphical representation and displays. With high resolution of 340 mega pixels and a super fast core speed of 166MHz. It highly acts as a Direct 3D accelerator thus making it possible to run without having the light and transform hardware. The Princeton Graphic Systems EO15 runs on a SGRAM or SDRAM memory with a 128-bit speed. Pitney bowes driver download for windows. Although the driver might cost a little bit high, the services rendered are much advanced and profession. It can easily be compatible with the several available operating systems making it applicable in most professional display and gaming applications. It also has a manual to guide the user through each single installation and usage task and it is issued with a warrant, which allows the user get access to uncharged repairs from the manufactures or retail outlet. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and Princeton Graphic Systems EO15 errors before installing any driver updates.