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Today the Qubes team is pleased to announce a partnership with thelaptop maker Purism and the launch of theQubes-certification program.

In our work on Qubes OS, we have focused on creating a reasonably secureoperating system. A common barrier of entry to Qubes for new users isuncertainty whether their hardware can take advantage of all of Qubes’security features.

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  1. Qubes brings to your personal computer the security of the Xen hypervisor, the same software relied on by many major hosting providers to isolate websites and services from each other.
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With the Qubes-certification program, we willpartner with a few select computer makers to ensure that Qubes iscompatible with them, so that new users have clear path towards gettingstarted with Qubes if they desire. We aim for these makers to be asdiverse as possible in terms of geography, cost, and availability.

As part of this partnership, the Qubes team will certify Purism’sLibrem laptops to ensure that they are compatible with Qubes.

This begins with the certification of theLibrem 13. For existing Librem 13 users, we haveprovided instructions on improving Qubescompatibility with the Librem 13. For users now who seek to buy aLibrem 13, there will be an option to have Qubes pre-installed ontheir Librem 13. This will include all the necessary tweaks for maximumcompatibility with Qubes.

In addition, the Qubes team will receive a small portion of the revenuefrom any Librem 13 sale that come with Qubes pre-installed.

Both organizations are interested in stable, long term support forQubes+Purism laptops. Going into the future, we plan with Purism toimprove the functionality and security of Purism laptops to ensure thatQubes users can have the best of freedom, security, and privacy in oneconvenient package.

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Notice: The system requirements on this page are necessary, but not sufficient, for Qubes compatibility at a minimal or recommended level. In other words, just because a computer satisfies these requirements doesn't mean that Qubes will successfully install and run on it. We strongly recommend consulting the Hardware Compatibility List to verify that Qubes can install and run on your specific model in the ways you need it to.


  • CPU: 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (also known as x86_64, x64, and AMD64)
    • Intel VT-x with EPT or AMD-V with RVI
    • Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi (also known as AMD IOMMU)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 32 GB free space



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  • CPU: 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (also known as x86_64, x64, and AMD64)
    • Intel VT-x with EPT or AMD-V with RVI
    • Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi (also known as AMD IOMMU)
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Storage: 128 GB free space
    • High-speed solid-state drive strongly recommended
  • Graphics: Intel integrated graphics processor (IGP) strongly recommended
    • Nvidia GPUs may require significant troubleshooting
    • AMD GPUs have not been formally tested, but Radeons (especially RX580 and earlier) generally work well
  • Peripherals: A non-USB keyboard or multiple USB controllers
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) with proper BIOS support (required for Anti Evil Maid)
  • Other: Satisfaction of all hardware certification requirements for Qubes 4.x

Qube Laptops & Desktops Driver Downloads

Choosing Hardware

  • Please see the Hardware Compatibility List for a compilation of hardware reports generated and submitted by users across various Qubes versions.(For more information about the HCL itself, see here.)
  • See the Certified Hardware page.
  • See the Hardware Testing page.

Important Notes

  • Installing Qubes in a virtual machine is not recommended, as it uses its own bare-metal hypervisor (Xen).
  • Qubes can be installed on systems which do not meet the recommended requirements.Such systems will still offer significant security improvements over traditional operating systems, since things like GUI isolation and kernel protection do not require special hardware.
  • Qubes can be installed on a USB flash drive or external disk, and testing has shown that this works very well. A fast USB 3.0 flash drive is recommended for this.(As a reminder, its capacity must be at least 32 GiB.)Simply plug the flash drive into the computer before booting into the Qubes installer from a separate installation medium, choose the flash drive as the target installation disk, and proceed with the installation normally.After Qubes has been installed on the flash drive, it can then be plugged into other computers in order to boot into Qubes.In addition to the convenience of having a portable copy of Qubes, this allows users to test for hardware compatibility on multiple machines (e.g., at a brick-and-mortar computerstore) before deciding on which computer to purchase.(See hcl-report for advice on hardware compatibility testing.)Remember to change the devices assigned to your NetVM and USBVM if you move between different machines.
  • Advice on finding a VT-d capable notebook.
  • You can check whether an Intel processor has VT-x and VT-d on ark.intel.com.