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The Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 has the following ports available on the back of the modem. 12 VDC - Connects the cable modem to the power adapter RST - Resets the cable modem. Drivers Vista XP 2000 Series USB Drivers Download DPW939 Drivers Download DPW941 Drivers Download 2000 Series USB Drivers /Version 3.2.3 Certified for Windows 2000 and XP Download 300 Series USB Drivers /Version 3.2.3 Note: This version release has recent USB driver fixes and is being provided 'as is' without any warranty. Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: The file size of this driver is bytes Only download this driver. It is as simple as that to install a Windows driver! Download drivers for Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR series Cable Modem. Advertising seems to scientific-atlznta blocked by your browser. The Scientific-Atlanta 860 MHz Model 6454 Headend Driver Amplifier is an indoor PHD amplifier designed for headend configurations requiring multiple laser transmitters. As an standard headend rack.

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To offer total optoelectronic solutions for network operators, Scientific Atlanta has been a longtime supplier of a wide range of interface modules, amplifiers and optical switches.

The Communications Interface Module for the Scientific Atlanta Prisma I platform allows the network's control system to 'talk' to modules in a rack for early detection of system faults and to facilitate network component switching to help maintain reliable network operation.

In the event of a primary optical path failure, the Scientific Atlanta Laser Link optical switch protects fiber paths by toggling to a redundant path. In addition to helping to ensure network reliability, each 1RU switch unit saves headend space and can support switching actions for up to four devices.

Scientific Atlanta Input Devices Driver Updater

The array of Scientific Atlanta Headend Driver Amplifiers are designed to provide the flexibility, configurability and optimum density needed for a wide variety of amplifier, power module or accessory module applications in the cable headend. A modular system configuration and design enables operators to mix and match power amplifier modules of different bandwidths and gains in a single rack mount chassis.

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ExDeus STB Firewire Driver Package allows you to connect your cable set-top-box (STB) to your Windows PC. The driver package is an updated packaging of Firewire drivers to support more STBs than previous packages. Note that the drivers do not change from release to release of the package; the same drivers are made to support more devices by adding the device names/IDs to the driver package, so there is no reason to update your drivers unless you are trying to use a new STB that wasn't supported earlier.

Scientific Atlanta Input Devices Drivers

The following driver package includes Windows XP/MCE/Vista/7 Firewire drivers for various set-top-boxes manufactured by Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola. It includes a copy of CapDVHS, and the drivers and INF file from Tim M. Moore's firestb.msi installer, with the INF file updated to work with the following devices:

Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 3250HD
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 4200HD
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 4250HD - Added 2007-05-16. Updated for PnP ID '4300' 2007-08-07.
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 8000HD
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 8240 - Added 2008-07-23
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 8240HD - Added 2008-07-23
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 8300HD
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 8301HD
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. EXPLORER(R) 8540 - Added 2009-02-25

Scientific Atlanta Input Devices Driver License Test

Cisco RNG200 - Added 2009-02-25

Scientific Atlanta Input Devices Driver Ed

Motorola DCT-XXXX
Motorola DCH-3200 - Added 2007-10-25
Motorola DCH-3416 - Added 2007-08-04
Motorola DCT-3412
Motorola DCT-3416 - Added 2007-05-15
Motorola DCH-6200 - Added 2008-10-15
Motorola DCT-6200
Motorola QIP-6200
Motorola DCT-6208
Motorola DCH-6416 - Added 2007-08-04
Motorola DCT-6412
Motorola DCT-6416
Motorola QIP-6416 - Added 2007-06-04
Motorola 9012
Motorola 9022

Scientific Atlanta Input Devices Driver

Pace Laguna - Added 2007-06-06

Scientific Atlanta Input Devices Driver

LG 50PX4DR HDTV DVR - Added 2007-08-01

Samsung SMT-H3050 - Added 2007-12-17; Updated 2009-01-08