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Improperly extended USB connections can cause aSMART product’s touch features to behave unexpectedly.

An active USB extension cable (USB‑XT) can be used to extend the USB connection beyond the length of the USB cable that was included with the SMART product, as shown below:

In addition to the active USB extension cable, SMART offers a CAT 5 USB extender (CAT5-XT-1100) that enables even greater extension. The CAT5 USB extender uses a Cat 5 or Cat 5e cable in addition to the USB cables:

To use a USB Type-C cable for video, you need: A full-featured cable that supports USB 3.1 (Gen 1 or Gen 2) A computer that supports Display Port Alternate Mode. Passive USB Type-C cables are sufficient for 60 W charging. You might be able to use higher-grade cables that are longer than specified. If you have problems with such a cable or an extender of any type, test the connection with a 9' (3-m) or shorter cable before contacting SMART Support. Using cables that exceed these maximum lengths may produce unexpected results, degraded picture quality or degraded USB connectivity. The SBA-100 audio system for SMART Board® displays offers ample supplementary audio output to enhance SMART Learning Suite audio and other multimedia content. The speakers feature 14W RMS power with both channels driven simultaneously for comfortable listening volume in rooms up to 1,000 sq. (93 m2) in size (subject to room acoustics). Cat 5 to USB extender for the SMART Board™ X800 series interactive whiteboard Model SBX800 CAT5-XT Physical specifications Standard features Extension Up to 50' (15.25 m) on Windows® or Mac computers USB device support USB 2.0 device recognized as a USB HID and audio device by the computer’s operating system.

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USB tier structure

USB devices can be extended based on the system’s number of USB tiers, up to a maximum of seven. A tier can be a 16' 4' (5 m) cable with a built-in hub, a discrete hub, or an endpoint device, such as a computer or SMART product. An endpoint device can contain additional tiers that you won’t necessarily see, such as internal hubs. Some SMART products contain one hub and the endpoint, while others do not. See the example below:

As this example shows, the computer counts for two tiers, the three active USB extension cables count as three, and the SMART product counts as two tiers for a total of seven tiers, or about 48' (15 m) of cable extension, plus the additional 16' (4.9 m) from the previous cable.

The next example uses the CAT 5 USB extender instead. With the Cat 5 cable, each tier is approximately 30' (9 m) with a total extension of 92' (28 m) and seven USB tiers.


These are hypothetical examples based on standard calculations. Differences among cables, computers and other hardware can cause actual performance to exceed or fail to achieve these numbers.

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An improperly extended USB connection is likely to work only intermittently or not at all. SMART products have built-in diagnostics to help you understand when this is the case:

SMART product

How to tell if an issues is USB related or SMART Product Drivers software isn’t running correctly

SMART Board 6000 and 8000i‑G5 series interactive displays

Check if the indicator light is not solid white.

SMART Board 7000 series interactive displays

Go to SMART Settings > Software > Tools > Diagnostics and verify that SMART Services are running.

Other SMART products

Check if the indicator light is not solid green.

Minimum requirements and guidelines

SMART provides support only for its own USB extenders and recommends using the active USB extension cable or CAT 5 USB extender, as they have been designed and tested to work with SMART products. However, if this isn’t possible, use products from well-established, reputable companies.

Use only active USB extenders. Active extenders help maintain the signal strength as the data is transmitted across longer distances.

SMART can not provide support for USB extension beyond the supplied USB cable, or the use of non-SMART USB extenders.

Third-party optionsDriver

SMART has identified the companies listed below as potential suppliers of products that may be compatible with SMART products if properly designed, manufactured and correctly incorporated into a system.


SMART does not assess, inspect or test products manufactured by others for compatibility with SMART products, and thus provides no guarantee, representation or warranty that the listed products will be compatible with SMART products, or that they will perform as represented by the supplier.

If you experience any issues, SMART will not troubleshoot third-party equipment added to the system. If troubleshooting is needed, you will very likely be asked to remove the third-party equipment as part of that process. Therefore, SMART highly recommends you set up and test the SMART product as it was shipped before you add third-party equipment.

The following list is provided as examples of available peripheral products only. Additional information regarding these products must be obtained directly from the other companies.


SMART strongly recommends that you test any third-party components, accessories, cables or adapters before installation. Consult your certified reseller for assistance.

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