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Mat driver download for windows 7. TELES Product Marketing Director, Thomas Haydn, is convinced that the addition of Comdasys' FMC application is in touch with service provider and enterprise customer requirements: 'Comdasys have designed an excellent solution for enabling fixed-mobile-convergence for all established smart phones on our Class 5 softswitch. Mobile users will gain. Communi5 MobileControl enables service providers to extend their existing IP centrex, Residential or business trunking offerings by adding mobility to attract new customers, profit more from existing clients or move mobile minutes to their network. Mobile communication is becoming more and more critical in business so enterprises are asking for. seamless single-point communications. no. TELES AG has released version 5.0.1 of its MobileControl app. One decisive innovation in this upgrade completely reflects the company’s mission: To make telephoning as simple as possible. + Move a call on your business phone to your mobile phone by pressing the 'Get call from office phone' button. + Handover a WiFI call to GSM and vice versa + Convenient handover. Mobile Centrex is a network-based service using mobile phones Boost your operational efficiency by integrating mobile devices to a highly reliable IP network.

PRLog -- Effective January 1, 2010, TELES AG from Berlin is taking over product rights and sales for the compact Vierling Ecotel GSM gateways. This includes the analog GSM gateway Ecotel GSM, the digital GSM gateway Ecotel ISDN and the VoIP-GSM gateway Ecotel VoIP. In the future, TELES will market the Ecotel GSM gateways worldwide as part of its Access Gateway product line. In return, Vierling will handle production of the Ecotel GSM gateways as well as other products from TELES. Both companies are consistently pursuing their own strategies: TELES is extending its product portfolio with powerful solutions for corporate customers. Vierling is concentrating on development and manufacturing services.
TELES now a heavyweight in the market for enterprise GSM gateways
'In the area of mobile radio gateways, Vierling and TELES fit one another perfectly', noted Richard Fahringer, COO at TELES. 'Vierling is the technological leader among suppliers of compact GSM gateways with one to eight channels for corporate customers. Especially in Germany, Vierling has the best sales network among all of the suppliers. TELES is the leader in multichannel gateways with up to 32 channels for large companies and carrier customers. For these products, TELES has a worldwide sales network.' TELES will introduce the Ecotel GSM gateways into its international sales network and offer its own Access Gateway solutions via Vierling’s existing sales channels. 'By combining Vierling's outstanding technology with the marketing potential we have at TELES, we intend to shake up the market for enterprise GSM gateways', added Fahringer.

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Vierling now a recognized EMS provider

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'Since 2007, Vierling has worked consistently to orient itself towards development and manufacturing services for high-quality electronics', said Wolfgang Peter, Managing Director of Vierling. 'This cooperation with TELES represents the conclusion of our reorientation. Vierling's expertise in development and channel marketing for GSM gateways will be transferred to TELES. In return, Vierling will receive attractive, long-term production orders.' Vierling has transformed itself from a telecommunications company with an affiliated contract manufacturing unit into a highly skilled electronics provider. Proof of the success of this reorientation comes from the latest Best EMS 2009 survey: Industry experts ranked Vierling among the top ten providers of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) in all of the evaluation categories from among 200 competitors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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Hardly anything will change for customers since the Vierling development and sales staff will transfer to TELES. 'This step will ensure that TELES can properly supply and support the distributors, system houses and dealers of Ecotel GSM gateways from the very start', said Fahringer. During the first quarter of 2010, TELES and Vierling are planning a series of joint training sessions and tradeshow appearances. Once this transition period is over, Vierling will cease to work directly with customers and will concentrate on production instead. 'During the first quarter of 2010, we will also discontinue the VTM pro multichannel gateway product line retained by Vierling. It will be replaced by the powerful TELES iGATE systems', noted Peter.
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TELES supplies service providers with complete softswitch solutions which are standard based with scalable architecture that minimizes integration time enabling you to go live quickly. TELES product portfolio also includes VoIP and mobile gateways.