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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Terayon Communication Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:TERNE) , a leading provider of video localization-on-demand solutions, today announced a restructuring to focus the company's strategy solely on its digital video applications and reduce its overall cost structure as a pure-play video business.

Terayon tj715 driver download - we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I download as an accelerator is no internet connection. This video covers the basics of a blue terayon tj715 cable modem, including front panel led's and rear connections. Terayon Cable Modem (NDIS 5) Driver Download for Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT4 - Terayon.zip (334732). TF 715x, Terayon Cable Modem (NDIS 3).

'Our decision to concentrate solely on digital video applications enables us to laser-focus the company on a growing market for real-time network digital video processing and expand our applications and services,' said Jerry Chase, Terayon, CEO. 'Network operators worldwide in cable, satellite, telco and mobile, understand that they must customize digital video programming services and advertising to become more relevant to their individual customers. The move to customizing content the instant before viewing creates substantial opportunity for Terayon, particularly in the area of digital video advertising, as it builds on our existing core competencies and market leadership. Localizing services and advertising plays strongly to the core strength exhibited in our award winning CherryPicker(R) product line.'
As part of the company's move to a pure-play video business, Terayon is reviewing strategic alternatives for its Home Access Solutions product line including the opportunity to monetize its current investment in working capital. As part of the restructuring, Terayon expects to record charges of approximately $0.6 million for employee related costs in addition to other restructuring costs, the majority of which are expected to occur in the first quarter of 2006.
Chase continued, 'We are now structured to take advantage of what we do best. By focusing on digital video, we expect to drive our strategic goals of increased market penetration and improved financial performance. With the savings we obtain from the restructuring, we intend to allocate additional resources for digital video software application development to pursue new revenue-generating video opportunities. Through our focus and partnerships with key industry players and existing customer relationships in the cable, satellite and telco markets, Terayon is well positioned for success.'Terayon tj715x
Terayon Communication Systems Inc.
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TJ 715x Driver

Terayon Cable Modem Driver

Terayon Cable Modem (NDIS 3) Driver

Terayon Cable Modem (NDIS 5) Driver

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Rev_B_-_TJ700x_SetupDisk.zip (16.5 MB)

Versions (2002-10-14) via .inf (2001-11-09) via .inf

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TJ 700 Series Drivers

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TJ 700 Series cable modem.

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9 Mar 2009
(1 day after download)

'ok it was the router. went direct with a lan cable and the zip file did not corrupt.

I bet someone else has had the same problem

now to see if it installs....'

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8 Mar 2009
(3 months after download)

Terayon Dm6400

'I got this installed once with much trouble. Some of the PDF files keep corrupting.'

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Terayon Cable Modem

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Terayon Cable Modem (NDIS 3)

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Terayon Cable Modem (NDIS 5)

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Terayon Tj715x

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Terayon Modem

Disk1/AR5xxINS.exe9.0 MB2 Apr 2002
Disk1/Setup.exe56.3 KB5 Sep 2001
Disk1/Setup.ini142 bytes9 Nov 2005
Disk1/TJ 700X Series Modem Install Guide.pdf968.6 KB14 Oct 2005
Disk1/TeraNetSetup120.exe5.1 MB9 Nov 2005
Disk1/Terayon.cat8.2 KB29 Oct 2004
Disk1/Terayon_usb.inf5.8 KB18 Jun 2004
Disk1/USB quick install page.pdf245.4 KB26 Oct 2004
Disk1/autorun.inf29 bytes28 Apr 2002
Disk1/data1.cab471.0 KB9 Nov 2005
Disk1/data1.cab/_Engine_Engine_Files/corecomp.ini28.5 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Engine_ScriptEngine/iscript.dll225.3 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/ctor.dll77.8 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/iuser.dll176.1 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/objectps.dll32.8 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Support_English_Files/_IsRes.dll258.0 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Support_English_String_Tables/value.shl278 bytes16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Support_Language_Independent_OS_Independent_Files/License.txt8.1 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Support_Language_Independent_OS_Independent_Files/TJ 700 Series Software text files.txt2.5 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/default.pal1.2 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data1.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/isrt.dll331.8 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab512 bytes9 Nov 2005
Disk1/data2.cab/_Engine_Engine_Files/corecomp.ini28.5 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Engine_ScriptEngine/iscript.dll225.3 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/ctor.dll77.8 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/iuser.dll176.1 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/objectps.dll32.8 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Support_English_Files/_IsRes.dll258.0 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Support_English_String_Tables/value.shl278 bytes16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Support_Language_Independent_OS_Independent_Files/License.txt8.1 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Support_Language_Independent_OS_Independent_Files/TJ 700 Series Software text files.txt2.5 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/default.pal1.2 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/data2.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/isrt.dll331.8 KB16 Jun 2015
Disk1/ethernet quick install page.pdf234.5 KB26 Oct 2004
Disk1/ikernel.ex_346.6 KB25 Jul 2002
Disk1/layout.bin455 bytes9 Nov 2005
Disk1/rndismpk.sys27.4 KB7 Mar 2002
Disk1/rndismpm.sys26.9 KB9 Aug 2001
Disk1/rndismpw.sys26.9 KB9 Aug 2001
Disk1/tj2kcr95.sys4.0 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2kcrnt.sys3.9 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2knd3.sys17.2 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2knd5.sys17.6 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2kndis.inf8.2 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2kndis_oem.inf8.2 KB30 Apr 2002
Disk1/tj2kunic.cat11.1 KB8 Nov 2002
Disk1/tj2kunic.inf7.2 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2kunic.sys69.7 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2kunic_oem.inf7.0 KB30 Apr 2002
Disk1/tj2kvcr.vxd28.5 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2kwh95.sys6.5 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/tj2kwhnt.sys5.7 KB14 Oct 2002
Disk1/usb8023k.sys11.1 KB7 Mar 2002
Disk1/usb8023m.sys11.1 KB9 Aug 2001
Disk1/usb8023w.sys11.3 KB9 Aug 2001
Disk1/usbscrub.exe48.1 KB9 Nov 2001