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After installation, click on the Device/PLC area's area's YASKAWA Electric Corporation selection and select MEMOBUS Ethernet. When using the driver, be sure to refer to the Device Connection Manual PDF (Shown above). Vendor id 137C, USBVID137C or YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORP. Is a Device pci vendor. All pci Devices related to vendor id 137C will be listed below which are presented on DeviceKB.com. . RJ-45 port or communication port of the Drive connects the copy unit to a drive using the provided RJ-45 cable. USB port connects the copy unit to a PC using the provided USB cable. Note:When connecting the copy unit to a PC or drive, use only the cables provided. Yaskawa cannot guarantee proper operation if other cables are used.

AC Drive Series USB Device: YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION: USB hub/controller: AcceleroBK: FTDI: USB hub/controller: ACELab USB AKV analyzer (x86/x64) ACELab: USB hub/controller: ACELab USB-ECU ASxx adapter (x86/x64). DriverHive is a driver updater service that will scan your computer's installed devices, identify the best fitting drivers. YASKAWA DriveWizard, DriveWizard support tools is a program that helps commissioning and troubleshooting of yaskawa drives as simple as zard. Installing a device or driver involves system-supplied and vendor-supplied components. V1000 Inverter provides a plus/minus 10 volt analogue input.

Effortless Network Integration

GA700 drives support all major industrial communications to adapt to various factory automation networks. Reduce wiring when connecting to an upper level controller or PLC through available built-in protocols and/or dedicated communication options

Network Integration Benefits/Features

Supports All Major Networks
• Network compliance tested
• Network up to 5 drives with a single communication card

Cost Savings with Built-in Protocols
• RS-422/485 MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol
• 115.2 kbps communication speeds

Maintain Communication During Main Power-loss
• Embedded +24VDC input control input power standard

One For All

Versatile motor control with one drive to control any induction or permanent magnet motor with or without an encoder device.

Motor Control Benefits/Features

Flexible Motor Control
• Tuning-less with EZ vector
• Open/closed loop speed or torque control
• Induction/permanent magnet motors
• Synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors
• 590Hz output frequency
• Zero speed control

Energy Savings
• High precision control
• Automatic energy efficiency optimizer with Smart Power Saver function

Powerful Configuration Tool

DriveWizard® is an offline/online parameter and drive configuration tool. The easy and intuitive tool is used for setup, maintenance and troubleshooting offering parameter editing, storing and file comparison as well as online trending using the highly functional oscilloscope feature.


MECHATROLINK is an open field network that connects controllers and all types of components.
By enabling high-speed communications and concurrency, MECHATROLINK increases system speed and achieves advanced functionality.
Simple cable connections reduce system wiring, enable downsizing, and allow for easy expansion.
MECHATROLINK is an open standard, and many companies market compatible devices.
You can flexibly combine these devices to meet your needs.
Also, you can freely develop controllers and all types of devices for your applications.
We recommend MECHATROLINK to easily and quickly achieve a wide range of machine motion control at a low cost.

Advantages of MECHATROLINK

Open Network

All MECHATROLINK communications specifications are published on the MECHATROLINK Members Association website.
You can become a member to download any of the technical materials to freely develop controllers and components.

High Reliability and Concurrency

A dedicated ASIC is used to provide the concurrent communications and perform the complex processing required for motion control. You can easily achieve synchronized control from a controller.
Even communications errors caused by noise or other factors do not interrupt synchronization because the ASIC automatically performs retry processing to resend data and increase communications reliability.
Also, new industrial connectors and cables that resist noise and vibration are used.

Low Cost

ASIC access drivers, sample applications, development software, and standard hardware circuit diagrams are available for developers free of charge on the MECHATROLINK Members Association website.
For product users, optimum wire-reduction systems are provided to integrate motion networks and I/O networks to help reduce the cost of the system.

Easy Development

Communications are achieved by mounting an ASIC in the master and in components.
The ASIC processes communications, which greatly simplifies implementing MECHATROLINK in products in comparison with implementing complete software functionality in a master.
Also, software tools required for development are available to help you reduce development time.

A Wealth of Compliant Products

Many companies market a wide range of products that support MECHATROLINK.
You can combine any of the MECHATROLINK products from world-leading manufacturers to build systems.

Made in Japan

The MECHATROLINK network was created in Japan.
Backed by the technical strength and reliability of Japan, the MECHATROLINK provides a worry-free network solution.


Two generations of MECHATROLINK are available. MECHATROLINK-II supports general-purpose networks, while MECHATROLINK-III provides the power for advanced, high-speed applications.
Together, they meet a wide range of needs in manufacturing equipment and production facilities.


Transmission cycles from 250 μs to 8 ms are supported in a bus network that connects to up to 30 nodes.
Many manufacturers currently provide masters and components to provide you with an extremely wide range of product selections.
Click here for details.


Ethernet is used for the physical layer and the fastest transmission cycle in the industry is supported in a wide transmission cycle range of 31.25 μs to 64 ms.
You can connect up to 62 nodes in a flexible topology with cascade, star, and other connections.
Click here for details.

International Standard

The MECHATROLINK network technologies have been adopted as an international standard.
This global recognition of MECHATROLINK as a standard lets you implement MECHATROLINK networks without worrying about reliability.

SEMI and IEC International Standards
  • MECHATROLINK is certified for the SEMI E54.19 standard.
    This makes it even easier to implement MECHATROLINK for equipment related to semiconductors and liquid crystals.
    Certification for E54.19 (sensor and actuator networks) was received in March 2007.

  • The MECHATROLINK Members Association and member companies worked to promote MECHATROLINK as an IEC standard and it was adopted in August 2014. This makes MECHATROLINK a global standard in open-field networks.
    Applicable standards: IEC 61784 Field Network Profiles
    IEC 61158 Field Network Protocols and Services

Safety Implementation

MECHATROLINK Safety Protocol Concept Certification

The MECHATROLINK Safety Working Group completed a list of specifications for the communications protocol of the MECHATROLINK field network that meets safety standards. Certification was received in July 2011 after an independent third party, TÜV Rheinland, confirmed that these specifications satisfied the requirements of IEC 61508 (safety level SIL3).
With MECHATROLINK Safety, communications between MECHATROLINK masters and slaves with the standard protocol and communications between MECHATROLINK Safety masters and Safety slaves can coexist on the same network.
A safety system can be constructed by simply adding a safety master, such as safety PLC, and safety slaves, such as safety I/O devices, to an existing system.
No special cables are required to connect MECHATROLINK Safety devices. Standard MECHATROLINK cables are used. Drivers lifetech skymaster.


MECHATROLINK Compliant Products

Yaskawa Electric Corporation manufactures the following MECHATROLINK compliant products.
Various MECHATROLINK-compliant products can be easily connected with a MECHATROLINK communication line.
The following table shows the MECHATORLINK-compliant devices.









Servo Drives





64-point I/O Module
(IO2310 and IO2330)


Output Module

Input Module

Output Module

Machine Vision


MECHATROLINK Members Association (MMA)

Yaskawa Drive Software

The MECHATROLINK Members Association (MMA) is a group of MECHATROLINK product developers and users who promote the use of MECHATROLINK, a motion field network. All members support the construction and promotion of a larger MECHATROLINK family.
Yaskawa Electric Corporation is a member of MMA.
For information on MMA, visit the website http://www.mechatrolink.org/